Welcome to my twisted mind, dear.
I'm Naty, a 19 year old girl (I'd say lady, but who am I to kid you?) who lives in Argentina. I'm a Kat and cat lover with a thing for writing and drawing, as well as behaving either as a one-hundred-year-old woman or a two year-old. Also, when I want to behave my age I attend college, where I study journalism. Find me at AO3 under the penname Letha or at LJ as natyu0815.

DISCLAIMER: PRACTICALLY NONE OF THE GIFS ARE MINE, because I suck at making them on my own. So credits for them who are actually able to pull gifs off!! PRIDE LDR Pride

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! :D I hope you have an amazeballs day, and an even awesomer night trick-or-treating or whatever you guys generally do. :)

Have some Whose-Line-A-Ganza costume-spam, just for you dearests. <3

I’m with you all in heart and soul, dressed up as Jareth, and telling you creepy stories in the middle of the night. Love you guys! <3